Design & Detailed Engineering

Detailed engineering contains in detail diagrams and drawings for construction, civil works, instrumentation, control system, electrical facilities, management of suppliers, schedule of activities, costs, procurement of equipment, economic evaluation and also environmental impacts before starting of construction of a project.

System Intigration

System Integration involves integrating existing often disparate systems and is also about adding value to the system, capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems


Documentation refers to any type of documentation that describes handling, functionality and architecture of a technical product or a product under development or use.

In House Manufacturing/


In-House Production “Conducting operations within a company using internal “technical” resources.
Outsourcing “A practice used by different companies to reduce costs.”

Erection & Commissioning

Erection & Commissioning are project stages related terms: Erection is part of Construction phase while testing is part of pre-commissioning stage, this is in general

Annual Maintenace Contracts

Fixed fee service provided by a contractor for periodic maintenance of a buildings or equipment.